Saturday, January 1, 2011

Alicia Keys ft. Eve - Speechless

Bringing in the new year with new music from Alicia Keys.  And I won't hold my breath, but maybe Alicia Keys' upcoming album will be more like Songs in A Minor and The Diary of Alicia Keys, albums that will always have a place in my heart.  Her new single, "Speechless," gives me hope that Keys still has soul, spunk, and vulnerability that are so evident in her debut, sophomore, and Unplugged albums. 

"Speechless," the second duo by Keys and rapper Eve, is raw, is a bit more Hip-Hop inspired (like "Unthinkable") and is less glossy and perfected like her more recent pop tunes (like "Try Sleeping With a Broken Heart").  This new song has a slight "rock" edge, due mostly to the distorted guitar, which works quite well with the keyboard and Keys' raspy voice.   And thank God Eve is featured instead of an over-exploited, gimmicky female rapper who shall remain nameless! 

Keys and Eve are a killer combo - both ladies excel at their crafts, and they add integrity to the song through their performance and lyrics.  The hook, "I'm just speechless baby/ don't know what to say/ I'm just speechless baby/ the poet in me has died today," is both memorable and a clever verbalization of a feeling that some of us are blessed enough to experience.

While I don't think she will be getting down with the gangstas or rocking her braids and afro-puffs (like in Eve's "Gangsta Lovin'"), perhaps Keys will at least give us more great tracks like "Speechless" to vibe to.

Check out this behind the scenes footage.  It confirms that my feelings are spot on - Keys and her hubby did a great job conveying their intentions in this song.