Thursday, April 22, 2010

B.o.B. - debut album in stores April 27

If the singles are representative of the album, B.o.B's debut album, The Adventures of Bobby Ray, will be infused with wit and originality.  So support musicians who go against the norm of sex and obscenity and instead, rely on talent and ingenuity.  Buy the ablum Tuesday, April 27 - and look for my review ^_^.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Common ft. Mary J. Blige - Come Close

No, I haven't been blogging lately :( I've been XTRA busy with school work - non stop.  And I haven't heard any new music that has sparked my interest lately.  However, I am looking forward to Janelle Monae's album release in May.  And I will review Nas and Damien Marley's new album ^_^.  But for now, I'm gonna post an older video that I think is really cute - Common's "Come Close." Love the content of this song and the creativity of the video.  And I LOVE COMMON!! Wish a guy would do all this for me...Can't wait to see him starring in his new movie, Just Wright (in theaters in May).

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Mary J. Blige ft. Jay Sean - Each Tear

Here is an inspiring song that teaches us to grow from each tear we cry and each hardship we face.  MJB and Jay Sean (British singer/ rapper/ producer/ beatboxer of Young Money) deliver this message with beautiful, soul-driven vocals.  And although this R&B diva's sound is definitely more pop, who can deny that Mary's songs have passion and soul?  This song will lift your spirits if you are feeling low.

(The video is a little dull.  I like the video to tell a story, act as a short film/ visual representation of the song.  Maybe I expect to much sometimes.)

Monday, April 5, 2010

Erykah Badu - "Window Seat" Video

“They who play it safe, are quick to assassinate what they do not understand. They move in packs, ingesting more and more fear with every act of hate on one another. They feel most comfortable in groups – less guilt to swallow. They are us. This is what we have become. Afraid to respect the individual...”

As an onlooker, I would probably be a little disturbed seeing Erykah Badu strip nude in front of me without warning or consent.  But as a viewer of the video, I am intrigued.  Granted, I did my research on the controversy and reasoning behind the video.  So I fully appreciate the message Erykah wants to display.  But could she have acheived the same message in a different way?  Maybe, maybe not.  In any case, I think that the method in her madness is respectable if not admirable.  She is not afraid of going to extremes to make a bold and insightful statement.  I am in awe of this video's visual simplicity, but internal complexity. Erykah Badu peels away the exterior layers (literally) to reveal the truth about herself and others.  No matter how uncomfortable it makes us, the truth expressed through this video is illustrated in a clever and profound way. Read the juicy details.

What really happened?

Well, Badu was filming the video to her new single, "Window Seat," from her newly released album, New Amerykah Part Two: Return of the Ankh.  The setting is Badu's hometown, Dallas, Texas - downtown, Elm Street, Dealey Plaza, approaching the site of President John F. Kennedy's assassination in 1963.  Erykah and her posse do not have city permits to film at this location, but she isn't afraid of a little guerrilla filming!  In a single-take video, Erykah is filmed removing her clothing...Read more

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Method Man, Ghostface Killah, Raekwon, & Alicia Keys - Our Dreams

Sadly, I just heard this song for the first time today. I was driving through Rockland, NY, 
enjoying the warm weather and sunshine. And then this song started to play on Hot 97. 
I was suddenly reminded why I love music soooo 
much! Plus, I'm starting to feel that summertime high! Even though we have a while 
until summer, the weather is oh so nice (like this song)! 
Reminds me of cruising through town on a bright and pleasant day, listening to old 
music, new music, music that speaks to your soul. Lauryn Hill, Aaliyah, New 
Edition ... ^_^. Like so many, this song speaks for itself. The lyrics are full of wisdom 
and inspiration. And we can never hear its message too many times - 
"don't give up on your 
dreams!" I know that other songs with this same theme have 
encouraged me to keep moving forward - keep reaching upward. And "Our Dreams," 
sampling Michael Jackson's "We're Almost There," is a song that I will def be listening 
to again!
BTW - Looking forward to the video

Thursday, April 1, 2010


Dear readers,

I miss you!! I haven't been blogging this week b/c my internet access sux!!  But next week, I will def have lots to write about! So come back for all the juice on Erykah Badu and Usher.