Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Monica - Still Standing

Monica took my ears to a whole new level!  I absolutely LOVE this album.  I have listened to it THREE times in ONE day!! Yes, it's that delicious.  When a singer can share so much of their soul in their songs, the music becomes personal, and that makes the listening experience unforgettable.  I seriously don't want to stop singing these songs!  Haven't felt this way since Songs in A Minor by Alicia Keys and The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill.  Still Standing deserves a standing ovation - Monica stayed true to her fans, to her faith, and to herself.  Which is more than many of today's R&B and Hip-Hop musicians can say.  So kudos to my girl!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Melba Moore vs. Janelle Monae

Who takes the cake?
Melba Moore performing "Love's Comin' at Ya" or Janelle Monae performing "Tightrope?"
Inspiration can be such a lovely thing!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Alicia Keys - Freedom Tour @ NYC's Madison Square Garden March 17, 2010

Wow! Mmm hmmm! Amazing!
Alicia Keys' concert at Madison Square Garden in New York City was all of that and more!  Jermaine Paul, Melanie Fiona, and Robin Thicke opened for Alicia.  And Beyonce, Swizz Beatz, and Jay-Z made special appearances.  The audience was live, the music was beautiful, and the spirit was free!  This was my first major concert - and sharing it with Alicia Keys in New York City made it an unforgettable experience! Click here to read the juicy details!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Rip the Runway

Fashion meets Hip Hop and R&B on BET's Rip the Runway.  I think it's great that black designers get to rip the runway - so, I watched, and here's what I have to say:

 Love the dress (Gavin Douglas) but what's up with the face?!


Bruno Mars' (& B.o.B's) performance was great! That voice - OMG!

Janelle Monae's style was so Chanel - I like!! Check her footwork though!! 

Tracy Reese's dresses were so cute!

I loved a lot about this show actually (surprisingly) LoL:  
Nicki Minaj in black & white - I'd totally wear that (and her British accent - I had one earlier today.)
The chained/ spider web vest was undoubtedly hot!
Aaliyah impersonator - HA!!
Did u see that bike?! This is the most hood fashion show ever - LOVE IT!!
I didn't love everything though - ohhhh nooooo!

This is a fashion show boo! Get it together! Where's your posture?!

Let's get my girl some shoes that fit please!

Your stylist MUST be fired - immediately!!

Of course, there was more to hate:  
Trina singing and lookin a HOT mess!  
Some of the models were so stiff and un-model like.

Check out more from BET's Rip the Runway 2010 on:

Monday, March 15, 2010

Estelle - Freak ma'am.  I just think that with all the STD's, HIV, teenage pregnancies...I'm just saying!! The world could use a few less freaks. Celebrities, especially musicians, should be conscious of the messages they send. Yes, this is a fun dance track.  And the video was interesting to say the least.  But is this a song that young, easily influential people should be hearing and then acting on?  I mean, come on - enough of that...on to the next one!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Erykah Badu - Window Seat

So, there's no denying that Erykah Badu is one of a kind.  Check out her ensemble and that signature hat.  And the raw vocals - gotta love her!! So "Window Seat" makes me just wanna get away.  I think the song is evoking and sincere.  Not unlike Erykah.  This song has a very human element - at times we want to escape, but not long after, we want to be near.  The chorus sings,
So can I get a window seat
Don’t want nobody next to me
I just want a ticket outta town
A look around
And a safe touch down
Window seat
Don’t want nobody next to me
I just want a chance to fly
A chance to cry
And a long bye bye

I like this song, because you can interpret it literally or figuratively.  Both ways are fun and effective.  I feel so relaxed now - Lol.  Can't wait to check out the new album, New Amerykah, Part II: Return of the Ankh on March 30.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Monica - Everything to Me (Single)

OMG!! Love, love, LOVE this song! (I give it 5 Stars *****) If you watched Monica's reality series, Still Standing,  you know that Monica fought really hard to make this song her lead single.  It even seemed that she gave up.  But I'm glad that the war was not lost.  Because this song is full of soul and class - which is exactly what I love about the song.  That girl sang this song from her heart...I mean all the riffs and vocal range work were spectacular.  Monica really made this song her own.  Still singing it in my head ^_^ but listen for yourself!

Not only is the song great - the video is pretty cute as well.  The first thing I notice is the Alexander McQueen dress she's's blazin amazin!! Lol - its hot! I really like videos that tell a story - they keep me intrigued.  And this one did not disappoint.  (In the video, she takes a crazy lady to court for stalking her man...who came up with this treatment?!)  She pushed the stalker on a couch?! Monica - you are more hood than that girl! I'm a bit confused - her man didn't seem to mind the stalker, is it just me???  I thought the video could have been more closely related to the song, but I still liked it - especially the fashion =).

Anyway, I would advise listening to the song without watching the video.  That way, you can close your eyes, focus on that beautiful voice, and concentrate on the heartsung lyricsCan't wait for Monica's album Still Standing to drop on March 23!