Friday, June 4, 2010

On Meeting Wynton Marsalis and JLCO

Thanks to my cousin Shaun and his connection, Marcus Printup, who is a jazz trumpeter and member of the Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra (JLCO), I was able to sit in on a rehearsal of the JALC big band, led by jazz legend, Wynton Marsalis. Along with meeting such an extraordinary and well-loved musician as Marsalis, I also met the overly talented band members, including trombonist Chris Crenshaw, drummer Ali Jackson, and pianist Dan Nimmer. These guys sounded so amazing rehearsing the witty, reminiscent, and pleasant composition by Marsalis. Although I am no jazz expert, I know and appreciate good, soulful music when I hear it. The musicians had sound advice and fun experiences to share with my aspiring jazz trumpeter cousin. But as a music student, I also benefited from all they had to say, which was don't shy away from dreams that you are serious about; seize opportunities and stay working hard.

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