Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Monica - Everything to Me (Single)

OMG!! Love, love, LOVE this song! (I give it 5 Stars *****) If you watched Monica's reality series, Still Standing,  you know that Monica fought really hard to make this song her lead single.  It even seemed that she gave up.  But I'm glad that the war was not lost.  Because this song is full of soul and class - which is exactly what I love about the song.  That girl sang this song from her heart...I mean all the riffs and vocal range work were spectacular.  Monica really made this song her own.  Still singing it in my head ^_^ but listen for yourself!

Not only is the song great - the video is pretty cute as well.  The first thing I notice is the Alexander McQueen dress she's's blazin amazin!! Lol - its hot! I really like videos that tell a story - they keep me intrigued.  And this one did not disappoint.  (In the video, she takes a crazy lady to court for stalking her man...who came up with this treatment?!)  She pushed the stalker on a couch?! Monica - you are more hood than that girl! I'm a bit confused - her man didn't seem to mind the stalker, is it just me???  I thought the video could have been more closely related to the song, but I still liked it - especially the fashion =).

Anyway, I would advise listening to the song without watching the video.  That way, you can close your eyes, focus on that beautiful voice, and concentrate on the heartsung lyricsCan't wait for Monica's album Still Standing to drop on March 23!

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