Thursday, September 16, 2010

Concha Buika - Soledad

No, no comprendo español mucho.  Especially when it is sung.  But that's not going to stop me from wrapping my ears around the luscious sounds of Concha Buika's rendition of "Soledad" (originally by Chavela Vargas.  I don't understand many of the words, but I can sense the emotion behind each syllable.  The tone of her voice is like a wooden fire crackling and cinders glowing - sigh... Jason, one of my classmates stated that "Buika sounds like she's 120 years old!"  He's right!! (that's a good thing in this case.)  Her voice is so rich and sultry.  And it is full, so her songs don't need much instrumentation.

However, the jazz piano on this track fits like a key in a lock.  Well-loved jazz musician, Chucho Valdés, graces this song with his piano magic.  He waltzes with Buika's vocals - they move hand in hand and float atop the sound waves of pure soul!

I'm so glad that Professor Ouellette had us listen to "Soledad" in class today; when I got home, I streamed all of her albums via Zune.  I marvelled at more songs from El Ultimo Trago, and I am now listening to "Love," from the album Mi niña Lola.  Do yourself a favor, and take a listen!

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