Monday, September 20, 2010

Faith Evans - Gone Already

Two words - CAN'T WAIT!!! Faith Evans is one of my favorite singers, and I'm super excited that she's finally coming out with a new album after 5 years!  Her first single, "Gone Already," from her sixth studio album, Something About Faith, showcases her shimmering voice and her undeniable talent. 

The song is on a more solemn note than I would expect for her first single in such a long time.  But I'm happy to know that she hasn't lost her touch.  Lady can still caress a melody and those keys were sounding nice!  I'm sure that Something About Faith will consist of music that I can really get into.  So I can't wait for October 5 - I'm expecting greatness.  This sad, but beautiful song encourages me to keep the faith!

Also, check out Faith Evans' "Way You Move," featuring Snoop Dogg - it has a smooth vibe, it's more upbeat and fun, and it's catchy!  Find it on my iPod on the sidebar >>>

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