Monday, September 6, 2010

Lyfe Jennings - Statistics

Wow - must say I'm pleasantly surprised with Lyfe Jennings' single "Statistics."  I shouldn't be so surprised, because "Must be Nice" was of similar nature, in that it was distinct.  But I haven't listened to his other music, until now.  I guess I was expecting "Statistics" to be a song in which Jennings flaunts his money, cars, and women...I must listen to way too much Hip-Hop! =)  However, the album title track of his new album gives statistics regarding men.  For example, what percentage of men practice safe sex, grew up without a father, and have cheated on their mate. He is dropping knowledge to the ladies about the statistics of our prospects. The guys may be a bit averse to this song, but it's something to think about for the ladies. I must say, it's definately a breath of fresh air from the norm of male R&B.

Now I'm listening to another song from the album Statistics, "It Could've Been Worse."  Again, I'm so impressed that Jennings chooses to sing about matters that actually matter.  He begins the song with, "Embrace your struggle, 'cause no matter what, it could've been worse." This is so true - I'm automatically putting a heart by this song.  From what I'm hearing so far, the tracks aren't too complex, as far as instrumentation/ arrangement.  You can tell that the vocals are the focal point of the songs.  And the vocals are so raw and genuine - "Done Cryin" is a good example of how a simple song can be so beautiful.  (The Deluxe Edition includes an acoustic version of this song which is so good to just vibe to.) 

Statistics is a compilation of real life issues, love, and spirituality.  Lyfe Jennings makes it so very personal with "I Still Believe" and especially,"Learn from This," and "If Tomorrow Never Comes."  He truly open his heart and soul to his audience.  I would recommend giving this album a good listen.

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